How It All Began

Woman, Mother, Wife & Budding Entrepreneur

Welcome, my name is Tanaka and I am the founder of Rudorwaishe. 

What started off as a blog for me to write down my crazy thoughts in the hopes that they could help someone one day, has now grown and expanded into something far greater than myself. I'd like to introduce you to my daughter Rudorwaishe, who's beautiful face you met on the front page of this site.  She is my reason why all of this began and my drive for wanting to make the blog and the store offerings better. 


The Blog is a space for me to self-reflect and develop as well as share experiences with like minded individuals about motherhood, relationships, finances, business and just life as I see it. I believe in honesty and transparency with self and others, which is why through our blog, we're creating a safe space to help one another, share and learn from those life experiences. I don't know everything and never will, but I am happy to tell the tales of what I have been through if I believe it may help someone else. 

The Store is all about connecting families of the African Diaspora and empowering the younger generation through the languages of their heritage. One of my goals for the store is to have as many educational African language flashcards to accommodate and represent as many cultures as possible so families can teach their children and pass on their language. 

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We need your help to continue supporting families of the African diaspora with teaching the younger generation about their roots and there's never been a better/greater time. Supporting the business helps to facilitate a wider language choice with more learning materials from a wider range of countries. We believe that one of the ways we can empower the generation that comes after us is by teaching them the languages of their heritage. This will help in learning more about themselves and who they are, resulting in a greater sense of identity. 

10% off all profits go towards putting a child through a year of school in Africa. Let's learn, grow and build up lives together!

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