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Rudorwaishe was founded by first time mother Tanaka Adeyemo and was inspired and named after her little one.​

The business is all about helping families of the African Diaspora feel connected to their cultures and empowering the younger generation through the languages of their heritage. We provide tools to help you teach the younger generations the languages of their African heritage. 

What began as just one mother's dream to connect her daughter to both her Shona & Yoruba culture through language, has now grown into something far greater and important. 

Our hope is that by using the resources together with loved ones, this begins to create a safe space within your families where dialogue can start to happen with the younger generation about parts of who they are and where they come from. 

Giving back is also extremely important to Tanaka and so 10% of all profits go toward helping pay for a year of schooling for a child in Africa. It's all about building up the younger generation both in the diaspora and back home. Her hope is that this amount will increase as the business grows to 50% being given back to support children in Africa.


If you would  like to donate to the cause without making a purchase you can do so by clicking the link below.