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13 things I found so useful with my little one (early days)...

Updated: May 3, 2020

Birth to about 8 months for a lot of the things.

So this one is a very quick one just to share some of the things I found helpful when I had my little bubba. As a first time parent you can buy so much stuff that you never end up actually using or needing and eBay becomes your friend around about the 6-8 month mark when you're trying to make room in the house.

  1. Angelcare Soft Touch Bath Support -

  2. Shnuggle Baby Bath -

  3. Muslin Cloths - or

  4. Swaddle - &

  5. Baby Bag -

  6. Breast Pump -

  7. Nursing Bra -

  8. Haakaa Manual Breast Pump -

  9. Breast Pads -

  10. Milk warmer, Sterilizer & Bottles -

  11. Milk Bags -

  12. Nipple Cream -

  13. Baby Swing Chair -

These are the main things that we made use of the most. We made home toys (rice in a bottle for a rattle) and really got creative with ways to entertain baby in the beginning stages (e.g. balloons tied to ankles and wrists) and didn't really need toys which saved us a lot of money initially. They came more when she was able to crawl and interact more.

Hope you find these useful and if anyone wants to share some of the things they found useful when baby was born please do go ahead and comment to help other first time parents that may be reading this.

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