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Updated: Apr 8, 2020

As I’m growing and learning to get to know myself there is so much I now see was a product of the negative encounters of my childhood. Things that really hindered me as a child and stunted my emotional and mental growth for such a long time. Things that re-emerged in my teenage years and hit me hard. So much that had it all been realised and dealt with earlier, God knows just how much I would have achieved in this life. But I guess that’s how the devil works 💡

There is so much that I want for my daughter especially when it comes to her mental and emotional well being and growth. The world places a lot of emphasis on the physical and financial growth of a person but I feel the emotion and mental growth can get left behind. It was for me. The more I learn in order to teach her the more I learn about myself.

Growing up I didn't have Books to be able to look at and think "oh this person/character looks like me" or I didn't really have people telling me stories of you being able to achieve and going for your dreams and believing in yourself and that’s some of the things that I want to instill in my daughter, those are some of the things that I want her to feel within the core of her being. I want her to know, and also see, that she is capable of doing absolutely anything and no one can stop her, only herself. Not just to say it but to really live by it.

I also want her to learn that it’s okay to express yourself while still respecting others. It’s okay to correct adults because they can get things wrong too. It’s okay to feel down just as long as you speak to someone you trust to help get you up again. It’s okay to be yourself because what people think about you does not have to define you one bit. It’s good to be confident, stand tall and make yourself proud! It’s good to know what you will and will not stand for especially with family. It’s okay to not conform to people’s ideas of how they think you should be, no matter who they are! It’s okay to have your own beliefs, whatever they may be! You will be raised in a Christian-household but you will have to make your own decisions when you’re older about God! - and whatever you decided will be respected. It's okay to agree to disagree, it doesn't mean you're loved any less! How will she learn this most, by seeing it from her parents more than anything else.

There are days where I might be doing something with her and I just look at her and think how lucky you are to have people not even just parents but people around you that are so for your growth that they invest in you, invest in your parents, in educating themselves in order to educate you and when I think about the saying “it takes a village to raise a child” and then I see everything that everyone does to just pour into her, it really makes me cry sometimes and I really count my blessings. Know that I have such a support system that if I'm incapable of doing something for her, there's people there that can provide for her too and it doesn't have to be just us her parents. People that are willing to step in and fill the gap. God did that for our little girl! And it amazes me every single day!

My prayer is that God may really guide her steps and that this universe may respect her being. Dream big. Be bold. Don’t even let the sky limit you little one!

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