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Personal Development: What I've enjoyed reading over the years.

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Growth is constant and personal development is definitely one of the things that has become so important and a major part of my life. I'm far from perfect and I know that! I always want to give myself the opportunity to be better.

So I thought I would do something a little different with this one and make note of some of my favourite books. Do not be fooled, I've never been a person that loves to immerse themselves in books and loved reading (although I am actually surrounded by people that do) but I understand that knowledge is most definitely power. I have a big love for self-development and the only way you can develop as a person is by acquiring more knowledge. If I can listen to an audible version of the book, believe I will!

Personal development is the conscious choice to improve one’s life to become a better person and to grow as an individual.

I'm a self-development book kinda girl and love reading/listening to books that will help me learn and grow. The below books are just a few that have really helped me grow in confidence both personally and professionally and have just helped me start the internal conversation needed to begin dealing with some of the challenges I have and still do face in life. Being a mother and wife while extremely beautiful and fulfilling, is not always easy and takes a lot of self-awareness to make sure you are doing your very best for yourself and for your family. As someone who has struggled with trauma of the past and has had it impact so much of my life, it's been super important for me to face my fears, learn about mindset, understand myself and why I am the way I am, and begin the healing process I need to be able to be better. Alongside counselling, self-development books have helped me get to know myself a lot better so that I can be better for the people in my life.

These books are more of the "beginner list" and are the ones I tend to guide people to if they ask me. Ofcourse there are a lot more but I found these really easy and interesting to follow.

1. Susan Jeffers - Feel the fear and do it anyway

I absolutely love this book! The title alone sums up how I’m trying to live my life. There are so many things that scare me and previously I’ve allowed this to stop me from just going for it and trying things out. I get anxious when I‘m having to go some where on my own, when I’m in big crowds and when I have to call people 😓.. I even get anxious when I’m about to post a new blog post. This book just gave me perspective and helped me to realise that it’s actually quite normal to feel fear but the trick is understanding what you need to do to move past it. That feeling of fear can be used to either suppress you or propel you to achieve all the things you want to achieve. “Feel the fear and do it anyway” is a line I regularly say to myself now to help me do the things I really want to do.

2. Dale Carnegie - How to win friends and Influence people

This one is a current read for me. Relationships are the most important thing both personally and professionally. They can take you further than your own resources and abilities can, opening your eyes to greater opportunities. As I started my business @Rudorwaishe_shop, I've begun to see first hand just how powerful networking can be and I'm now understanding more why the pro's say you cannot be successful on your own and your network has an impact on your net-worth. Relating to people hasn't always been easy for me and this (so far) has been a bit of an eye opener to help me get better.

3. Stephen R. Cove - The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

This is a psychology based book. This is around the habits that successful people use that have helped them with their success. The book helped me understand that you can actually change your mindset towards anything. A complete paradigm shift is possible and knowing this will help you be better. I am trying to be more positive and intentional with the things I do in my life because long term success doesn't come easy in anything I don't believe. The habits discussed in this book are tools I'm learning to take on and implement in my own life so I can achieve the things I wish to achieve. I don't always get it right but now I know what can be done, I'm trying!

4. Rhonda Byrne - The Secret

The Law Of Attraction!! That is all.. If you don't know then get to know. This books is a great introduction to the power of Law of Attraction and what is meant by it. There is also a movie that you can watch about this but both will really be beneficial. The best way to sum up this book would be with the phrase "Thoughts become things". The idea that what you think and how you think will impact what outcomes you have in your life. This was the beginning of really understanding the power of positive thinking and also living for me.

5. Eckhart Tolle - The Power of Now

The book is about focusing on the now and understanding why the present is the most important thing that you have. It really explains the power that you can have if you live and breath and exist in the present moment. It is, I think, a very powerful read/listen and is one that helped me with focusing on the present and being grateful for what I currently have. It also helped me understand that no matter what may be going on, it's all moving in a direction that is positive for me. A very positive read and one that I would highly recommend if you find yourself always having the "i should have, could have and would have" conversations with yourself.

6. Robert Kiyosaki - Rich Dad Poor Dad

I cannot write about books that I love without adding this bad boy to the mix! This is the book that got me thinking bigger in relation to my finances, financial literacy and my time. It explains personal finance and how to approach money and use what you have to get yourself in a better financial situation. It talks about the mindset to money of different social classes and why there can be such a difference when it comes to wealth between classes. Why the rich keep getting richer and the poor stay poor. As someone who wants to build generational wealth and create a better life for my children and grandchildren, this helped me as a start to understanding money and mindset of the rich.

I'm sure you already know this but it's important for it to be noted that these books will not teach you everything you need to know about mindset, money and fears etc but they are a good starting point to a life long educational journey. What are you doing for yourself and your personal development? If you have any favourite books that you think I should definitely have a read of please do let me know as I'm always open to learning new things. Let's talk and share knowledge!

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