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Pregnancy and what they don't tell you...

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

So after I finished university and started working it was like the conversation with my mother went from "face your books" to "where's your husband" in the blink of an eye. I honestly couldn't make it up. Anyway, fast forward to a few months into marriage and then the baby talks came.

*Side note - my husband and I had already talked about kids and started saving for our first child before our traditional marriage so we never felt pressured from our parents as we already knew what we wanted, we just hadn't let them in on it all. If you feel pressured to have a baby, please DON'T! *

"Have a baby" my mom said, "it's not as bad as you might think and the pain only lasts within that moment then you're fine afterwards. Pregnancy goes quickly as well, you'll even miss it when it's done". My mother had ulterior motives so she never told me the real real until half way into my pregnancy and even then it wasn't the whole truth cause she didn't want to scare me she said 😂. So I'm going to tell you guys what it was like for me ....

Getting pregnant (I may do another post for this because it was a lot)

........... This was tough. It took us 12 months of trying then giving up before I finally fell pregnant. It was harder on me than my husband and it mentally messed around with me.

1st trimester

I can't lie I was very lucky in my first trimester. I didn't have many symptoms, just the odd nausea here and there and fatigue which meant I was sleeping more, but I soon learned this period for me was the calm before the storm. After 12 months of going through it I think mother nature or whatever, thought to give me a break before slapping me in the face again.

2nd trimester

This is when it all began. At work I had to sit with a bucket next to me because morning sickness isn't just in the morning. 'hit you at any time of the day sickness' is a more accurate name for this beast of a symptom.

My breasts HURT! While I did enjoy looking at them and the fact they were growing , they were so painful it's unreal. Putting a bra on was an emotional time for me each morning and taking the bra off as soon as I got into my car after work (because waiting till I got home was just not an option) was just as emotional.

Leg cramps... the thief that steals your sleep at night. That is all I will say for that one.

3rd trimester

I WAS OVER IT!!!!! In school they teach you that a woman is pregnant for 9 months .... LIES!! It's 10 months guys. Don't let them fool you! I felt like I was pregnant for FOREVER. No drinking, no eating trash like I was accustomed to and I could barely walk. Heartburn took over my life and I had to sleep sitting up on our sofa to help relieve the pain of this, my husband would always be with me though the cutie.

I also had bad case of sciatica and it meant I would have pain running from my waist down my legs, usually one leg at a time but sometimes both. So some days I could walk or I had to walk with crutches. Girdle pain was also very real for me, so towards the end I had to amp up my daily mini exercises just to help myself and ease some of the discomfort.

In conclusion...

Pregnancy was really tough and I cannot lie there were points when I thought I couldn't go on with it but my mother was right about one thing, once it's done you do miss it. I miss my bump and feeling my little one kicking inside me and just being that one that she was always with. It's so crazy to think that you would miss such an experience but I guess that's how we are able to go through it all over and over again.

Mental preparedness is key because you have no idea what your pregnancy journey is going to be like, and from what I've heard, no two journeys are exactly the same.

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