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The Big Learner Pack

The Big Learner Pack

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Available in Twi, Igbo, Ndebele, Luganda, Shona, Swahili, Urhobo, Wolof, Yoruba. This bundle will allow you to pick two packs of your choice at an affordable price for more flexibility.

The Alphabet pack aims to cover the alphabet for each language. With 43 cards in total, some packs will come with added cards depending on the length of the alphabet in each language.

The Body & Days of the Week Pack helps with naming the different parts of your body as well as the days of the week.

The Numbers Pack covers numbers 1 - 20 as well as day greetings.

All the sets feature beautiful, colourful  and original illustrations and is perfect to use as an introduction to African Languages for both children and adults. They are a fun way for you and your child to develop skills in areas such as, language and literacy, speaking, memory and many more.

All cards have rounded corners, making them safe and perfect for little hands. 

Please be be advised some packs will come with an Ankara bag whilst others will have the box as the default (options to purchase the bag or swap the box for the bag are available) 

Caution: We recommend and strongly advise that should these flashcards be used by little ones, all children under 3 years old should be supervised when playing with them. This is to prevent any accidents that can cause choking.  

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